Welcome to Freestyle Martial Arts Academy

The Best Karate classes and more! We are a full contact Martial Arts school providing the South Jersey area with a variety of Martial Art styles including Karate classes for all ages, Kickboxing, MMA, Self Defense, Capoeira, Cario'Kick and more.

​                                                         Martial Arts training is more than just kicking                                                                and punching. It is a perfect way to work out                                                                both your body and mind for a happy and                                                                      balanced life!

                                                         ​The physical aspects of the program will                                                                        increase your energy, flexibility, and health. The                                                            mental side will increase your ability to focus at                                                            work or school, and help you ​relax at the end of                                                          the day.

                                                         When people think of exercise or self defense                                                              classes, they do not realize that Martial Arts                                                                  instruction provides a total body workout                                                                      adaptable to any age. Our goal is to ensure that                                                            when our students branch out into society they                                                            maintain an understanding of Martial Arts and                                                              its philosophies.

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